Mark Mollgaard – Sculpture Demonstration for ArtWalk 2014

I and perhaps two or three other artists will use the top level terrace in front of Jai Rhythms to sit with tables and do our artwork during Art Walk on July 19th between around noon and 4 pm… although it could extend later.

I first got into art in first grade, during a sand castle building contest. I won a blue ribbon. Now, I do primarily sculptures in clay, but also do drawing and painting.

My art must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. I was the primary featured artist of the Laney College Art Department in Oakland, California since 1999, until moving into the WAV in 2009. I mentored art and ceramic students during that time. I had he first major art show at the WAV, which was called “Spirits of Winter”, featuring myself, Francis Spencer, and Marcelino Jimenez.

I’ve enjoyed exploring the world, having lived in Long Beach, San Francisco, Berkeley, Inchon Korea, and Guangzhou China. My experiences in these places have inspired the way I think and what I create.

Regarding my art: I create images in the form of sculpture, drawings, and paintings that tend to bring questions into the minds of people viewing it. I challenge those viewers to ponder and find answers to their own questions, and in so doing, they may discover and appreciate a new meaning to their own lives and the world.

The unknown is generally more awesome than the known.

Like in science and in life, when questions about my art remain unanswerable, it may signify a need to further explore the possibilities, or that no ultimate answer exists. The ultimate challenge maybe finding humor in it.

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