Artists Larissa Strauss and Rani Laik

Larissa is going to be at the Ventura County Museum talking about her Mosaics. Her studio will be open with paintings and sculptures by Rani Laik and jewelry and mosaics by Larissa Strauss. Both days – art walk hours.

My name is Larissa Strauss. I am a mosaic artist based out of Ventura, California. My primary medium is glass mosaic, and the themes of my non-commissioned, original work focuses mainly on magical elements in the natural world. However, I create custom, commissioned mosaics for public and private clients.

I have been working actively as a full-time mosaic artist since 2000. In that period, I have completed over 100 private commissions. The private commissions have ranged in size from 10-inch squares to three feet by four feet. You can see many of these works in my mosaic portfolio.

The larger public commissions I have completed include a 26-foot mosaic wall (approximately 100 square feet) that sits at the entrance to a popular park, and a series of eight mosaics depicting the history of Ventura County that are permanently installed on the facade of the newly renovated Museum of Ventura County. See these and other mosaic commission work in my mosaic portfolio.

I also regularly teach mosaic classes on Monday and Tuesday nights in Ventura. If you would like to see the classes that I teach, visit the mosaic class schedule.

Finally, I create custom, one-of-a-kind, fused-glass jewelry and accessories.

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